Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

IMPA is committed to working for the general benefit of the society in addition to its other functions. Today, soft skills development and proper image management is one of the biggest problems of society. Poor soft skills, leading to the inability to find jobs, force school dropouts to turn to anti-social means to earn a livelihood.

At the same time, it is imperative for the overall development of the country to educate the rural and the underprivileged people in the right manner. While it may be a large cyclic issue to provide education to all, an attempt can certainly be made to prepare these individuals for jobs. Examples of various people taking the initiative to this end are seen every day and they yield good results. Many large business groups have shown that providing training in a particular job skill has paid good dividend.

The Government has also taken a huge initiative in trying to develop the overall soft skills of people and has floated many schemes to this effect.

IMPA, in its attempt to help in this cause, binds all image consultants certified by it to devote 10% of their time and effort in developing the soft skills of underprivileged people. Every image consultant certified by IMPA, as part of the By Laws of the Society, is committed to work for free for 10% of their time with:

  • School dropouts

  • Rural population

  • Hospitals to help them lift the overall mood and outlook of critically ill patients

  • Social organizations

  • NGOs