IMPA has Chapters in the following cities:

More Chapters will be added in due course of time. Each Chapter will look after the interests and activities of IMPA at the local level. Some of the active Chapters are :-

Taraa Vermaa Senguptaa – Chapter President-Mumbai

A hospitality professional, senior corporate leader, avid reader, and above all a person passionate about working with people – this is Taraa Vermaa Senguptaa, (Director and Creator of Chrysalis – The Image Management Studio).Taraa is a qualified Image Consultant trained at Image Consulting Business Institute, as per the curriculum of Judith Rasband.



Mamta Deval-Chapter Secretary-Mumbai

Mamta firmly believes that we create our own destiny by our thoughts and actions. She always had a strong desire to teach and make a difference in the lives of others. Flexibility in working and a work-life balance were something that she looked forward to. A career as an Image Consultant offered her the opportunity to be able to achieve all of this and more. more


Jyothi K-Chapter President-Thane

Jyothi is a certified Image Consultant, trained by the Image Consulting Business Institute, Mumbai under the Curriculum of Judith Rasband. She is also a Life Coach, with an International Coach Certification from the Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada.



Anshu Gupta – Chapter President-Delhi

Anshu is an Image Consultant, who has been trained at Image Consulting Business Institute. She is a qualified Fashion Designer and Illustrator and has been working in this industry for the past 11 years. She is a Fashion Advisor and has been showcasing her work across different cities. She has also been professionally trained in Beauty Culture and Make-up. more


Atika Dhandhia-Chapter Secretary-Delhi

Atika is a jewelry designer by profession and now a practicing Image Consultant trained at Image Consulting Business Insitute.For the past 15 years, she has been a ‘Train the Trainer’ Faculty with one of the world’s biggest NGO, which is responsible for conducting Youth Leadership empowerment and Stress Management programs. more


Bindu Mukherjee-Chapter President-Gurgaon

Bindu Mukherjee is the chief Image Consultant and Director of Bindu Mukherjee Image Consultancy. She is the alumnus of the Image Consulting Business Institute whose curriculum is structured by Judith Rasband.Bindu has worked for many years with the hospitality and travel brands like ITC Welcomgroup and as International Cabin crew with British Airways. She is also the recipient of the Cabin Crew award for her outstanding in-flight services.  more


Kulvinder Sheena Ahuja-Chapter Secretary-Gurgaon

Kulvinder Sheena Ahuja

After a stint of 10 years as a proprietor of her Delhi based wiring harness manufacturing company,  a life turning incident changed her perspective towards life wherein she decided to follow her passion. The passion was to guide, mentor, coach, train people on how to communicate for success through verbal and non-verbal parameters of communication. Trained as an Image Consultant from ICBI and her inclination towards philanthropy has provided her an opportunity to head the post of Secretary IMPA, Gurgaon Chapter… more


Prachi Mishra – Chapter President-Pune

Prachi Mishra, founder of Prachi Mishra Image Consulting is a qualified Image Consultant and a postgraduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology.In the year 2002, she embarked on her journey as a professional in the fashion industry, where she was hugely appreciated and recognized for her innovative approach towards work. She has worked with renowned brands like Benetton, Zara, Carrefour, Dillards, Nordstrom, and Ecko, to name a few.  more


Nancy Katyal-Chapter Secretary-Pune

Nancy Katyal is the Lead Image Consultant, Storyteller, and the founder of ThePerfectYou. She has helped hundreds of high-powered executives and people from all walks of life to maximize success in professional and personal performance. Nancy enjoys making people look good, act good, and feel good about themselves through her customized learning programs.more


Surabhi Mehta – Chapter President-Ahmedabad

Surabhi Mehta is a qualified Image Consultant who works with people to help them portray an appropriate, authentic, attractive, and affordable image at all times.An avid traveller, learner, and entrepreneur, Surabhi is a charismatic and sensitive mentor who brings to the table her unique skills in personal skills management.more


Sandhya Anantani-Chapter Secretary-Ahmedabad

Sandhya is a wearer of many hats – former model, painter, avid traveler, reader, and a trainer at heart. She has spent many years grooming and training youngsters in choosing the right career and study path to pursue abroad. Professional experience of over 10 years gives her the confidence and knowledge to train individuals as per the current industry and societal needs.more


Aruna Das-Chapter President-Chennai

Aruna Das, a qualified Image Consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute is the Founder and Director of Catalyst Image Consulting.A Graduate in Psychology, she also has a Masters in Computers and Management (MCM) from Pune University. The experience at leading MNCs like, Deloitte and Accenture gave her an exposure to the global corporate culture.



Deepika Pradhan – Chapter President-Baroda

Deepika Pradhan, founder and director of Image Mantra, is a qualified image consultant. She hails from a family of professionals in aviation, garment designing, and beauty and has been brought up with an understanding that one’s image matters immensely.

Deepika is a Science graduate and also holds a certificate in aviation and jewellery design. With over 5 years of professional experience in Human Relations, nationally and internationally, she is an expert in personal need analysis. more


Bhumika Swarnkar-Chapter Secretary-Baroda

Bhumika is a qualified Image Consultant.She holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Chemical Engineering, and has an extensive corporate experience spanning 6 years. Her interactions with corporate employees and her acute observational skills have helped her understand the significance of managing one’s image for successfully achieving personal, more


Leema Viji – Chapter President-Bangalore

Founder of Dotting i – a multidimensional image management company.

As an Image Consultant & Corporate trainer her mission is to help you discover and define the image that you want to present to the world. This authentic image will then help you, in achieving all the goals that you have set for yourself in your professional, social and personal life .more


Swati Jena-Chapter Secretary-Bangalore

Swati Jena is the founder and chief mentor at SJ School of Excellence-a unique training firm, with the mission of helping people achieve their highest potential through 6 Schools in the field of, image, life skills, leadership, education, career and consciousness.more


Cherry Jhawar-Chapter President-Kolkata

To quote Coco Chanel, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”It’s not just the stalwarts of the fashion world who think on these lines.Cherry is the founder and owner of Mosaic-an Image Management Firm. more


Sana Jamal-Chapter Secretary-Kolkata

A degree in management, an air hostess, a strategy consultant with TCS and a doting mom, Sana has always been good at multitasking all along. She is currently pursuing her training to become an Image Consultant at Image Consulting Business Institute, Kolkatta, under the curriculum of the Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA.more